Local and national level governments across the Middle East have digital transformation high on their agenda, driven by smart nation ambitions across the region. Governments in the Middle East and North Africa will spend on $11.6 billion on IT products and services in 2017, according to a report from Gartner.Dubai Municipality is inching closer to the Smart Dubai initiative as set by the UAE government, with the aim of making Dubai a technologically advanced city by building innovative IT infrastructure systems for future generations which are capable of meeting increasingly complex demands.

“Technology plays an integral part in providing services that make citizens’ lives easier,” says Ahmad Mohammad Darwish Al Emadi, IT Infrastructure Project Manager from Dubai Municipality, who will describe how the municipality built a private cloud and SDN network within its own data center at DCD>Middle East in May.
Region still struggling with legacy IT
Data centers are very much the factories of the 21st century. They are at the core of digital transformation supporting the digital infrastructure that enables smart vision. However, a lot of the region’s data centers are dealing with legacy issues and are in need of an upgrade if they are to keep up with the increasingly complex data demands.

“Regional IT executives are looking for ways to reduce cost of IT service delivery by optimizing legacy infrastructure” says Mubarik Hussein, Head of IT at Qatari-based oil & gas company Petroserv who will also be speaking at the event.

DCD>Middle East is set to connect senior IT executives from leading enterprise organizations, telcos, cloud and IT service providers including AT&T, Wall Street Exchange Dubai, Alibaba, Nissan, Bosch, Huawei and many more.

“Digital transformation holds a wealth of opportunities for organizations in the Middle East, and with two major regional events, the 2020 expo and 2022 World Cup, coupled with government smart initiatives, stakeholders are betting big on tech innovations that can optimise digital infrastructure for cloud, big data and mobile applications. It is an exciting time for the region’s digital infrastructure community and we are looking forward to once again connect the stakeholders in Dubai this May,” says George Rockett, CEO & Co-Founder at DCD Group.

Source: http://www.gitex.com/2017/03/12/middle-east-governments-betting-big-smart-digital-infrastructures/

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